Decorah Middle School students and staff prepare to embark on the 2023 Water Walk
Decorah Middle School (DMS) Seventh Graders walked over three miles to the Upper Iowa River on Wednesday, May 17 to carry water back to the middle school on their annual "Water Walk" for the Water to Thrive Project. Prior to the walk, the students raised over $5,000 to support construction of their fifth Water to Thrive well after reading about how women and children must walk great distances in some parts of the world to acquire potable water. The Decorah Rotary Club had earlier received a presentation from several DMS students and Global Studies teacher Carrie Reed, prompting the club to contribute financially to the cause. In addition, several Rotarians were honored to participate in the walk alongside the students. Our club thanks the DMS students and staff for their inspiration and the shared experience!
Photo credit: Decorah Middle School