Our Club's impressive Nordic Fest float during Saturday's parade; a happy group of customers in front of the Cheese Curd Booth
The Decorah Rotary Club continued its traditional involvement during Nordic Fest 2018, hosted in Decorah on July 26-28, along with a brand new service opportunity this year. The Rotary brand received lots of attention as a result of our parade float "Stairway to Lefse," considered by many independent observers to be the most awe-inspiring float in the entire parade. Also, for the first time, our members served made-to-order cheese curds Friday and Saturday evening at Canopy Five adjacent to the main entertainment stage, using equipment provided by Homestead Dairy in Waukon. The fresh, hot curds were clearly popular with the crowds attending the musical events!
Our Club owes a huge debt of gratitude to DRC members Shannon Duncan and Ward Budweg for their leadership and tireless efforts in bringing both of these Nordic Fest volunteer opportunities to fruition. We thank all of our members and friends who contributed to the construction and operation of the float, including Ward, Shannon, John Anderson, Cal Anderson, Kurt DeVore, Alan Lerstrom, Sandy Evans, Francis Peterson, Kelly Reagan, and Jeff Tomlinson, with particular thanks to Alan for his design inspiration and guidance. Thanks also to all of the Cheese Curd Booth set-up/operation/take down volunteers: Ward, Shannon, John, Kurt, Alan, and Jeff (again!); Matt Burkey, Don Holmerz, Phil Iversen, Gary Mineart, John Moeller, Jim Morrow, Kathleen Ritner, Rod Ritner, Ron Snell, and Heidi Snell. A special appreciative nod to Ron and Phil for loading and returning the equipment to Homestead Dairy.
For more photos please check out the companion photo album here: Nordic Fest 2018
Thanks again to our members for their cheerful and dedicated service!
Photo credits: Shannon Duncan/Kelly Reagan/Jeff Tomlinson