Early arrivals for the Roadside Clean-Up Day getting outfitted and equipped -- (L-R) Ward Budweg, Jim Beghly, Cal Anderson, Elliot Christen, and Lorraine Borowski
The Decorah Rotary Club held its Spring Roadside Clean-Up Day on Saturday, April 15th. Thankfully the weather stayed warm and dry throughout the morning facilitating a very successful event with a large volume of litter along IA-9, leftover from the winter months, picked up and bagged. The Club thanks members Cal Anderson, Jim Beghly, Chad Bird, Lorraine Borowski, Ward Budweg, Elliot Christen, Phil Iverson, Gary Mineart, Jim Morrow, and Paul Scott for their volunteer service. A special thanks to Ward for his organization and leadership.
Photo Credit: Gary Mineart