Some of our Decorah Rotarians and friends preparing to head out to their respective sections of the highway. Pictured are (L-R) Larry Grimstad, Liang Chee Wee, Bruce Ventura, John Baker, Tina Hall, Elliot Christen, Shannon Duncan, Paul Scott, and Carol Hopp.
On Saturday, April 10, members of the Decorah Rotary Club (DRC) had the pleasure of gathering in an outdoor setting and participating in the Spring 2021 iteration of the Rotary Roadside Clean-up Day. DRC provides services for the portion of Highway 9 between the Kelly Real Estate building and a point up the hill to the west of the Decorah Auto Center. The cooperative weather help support a great day of litter removal and fun interaction between friends, some long separated by the events of the past year.
We thank all of the participating DRC members and friends for their cheerful service! They include John Baker, Elliot Christen, Shannon Duncan, Larry Grimstad, Tina Hall, Carol Hopp, Roger Huinker, Maury Lenz, Gary Mineart, Uwe Rudolph, Paul Scott, Jeff Tomlinson, Christy Tomlinson, Bruce Ventura, and Liang Chee Wee.
Photo credit: Gary Mineart