A few of the many volunteers who served at this year's Trout Run Trail Tour Day.  (L-R) DRC members Francis Peterson, Shannon Duncan, Kelly Reagan, Jennifer Gipp, John Baker, Judy Robinson, Don Holmertz, and Cindy Schissel
The Decorah Rotary Club hosted the 4th motorized Trout Run Trail Tour Day on Tuesday, August 22nd. Our club sponsors this event in order to provide guided motorized tours of the Trout Run Trail for the elderly and those with disabilities and physical limitations who are otherwise unable to access the trail. This year, 135 people were able to participate in the motorized trail tours.
DRC sincerely thanks all of the volunteers and equipment suppliers who made this event possible. Special thanks to DRC members Mike Huinker and Harlan Satrom for coordinating the motorized vehicles and drivers for the day, and to Francis and Marilyn Peterson for taking all the reservations for the trail tours. Extra special thanks to DRC member Jennifer Gipp, whose vision and energy were integral to making this year's tours such a success.
Photo credit: Jennifer Gipp
Additional photos of the tours may be found in this photo album: DRC Trout Run Trail Tour Day 2017